Wine List

La Badiola

Lucca hills red wine (DOC)

Sangiovese, canaiolo and merlot: an extraordinary trio for a red that comes directly from the Colline Lucchesi.
Matured for at least eight months in steel, then versatile and eclectic in the pairings at the table, it is a Rosso that can easily become your faithful daily glass. Ideal with pasta dishes with meat sauces, white and red meats.
La Badiola

Lucca hills white wine (DOC)

From the white grape varieties most common in the lands of the Colline Lucchesi - trebbiano, vermentino, Tuscan malvasia and chardonnay. The Colline Lucchesi Bianco is vinified using steel tanks, refined for a minimum of 3 months in the bottle, so as to obtain an immediate and direct expression of the territory. Ideal to accompany pasta dishes with fish sauces, white meats and fish.
La Badiola

Stoppielle IGT

Stoppielle wine comes from the meeting of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes which are vinified in steel tanks with a minimum refinement of 3 months in the bottle. At the sight you can see straw yellow colors with greenish reflections; the ample, fruity and floral aroma and the soft flavor with a persistent fruity aftertaste make it the perfect companion for pasta dishes with fish sauces or white meats.
La Badiola

Rosso Flora IGT

An important base of merlot grapes is completed by a balance of bunches of Cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, to give life to a red from the Colline Lucchesi that goes under the name "Rosso Flora". It is a red offspring of an aging in tonneaux for at least a year, followed by another 6 months of aging in bottle. It is a powerful and energetic red, which shows all its muscles and all its decisive and determined character, while managing to remain balanced and harmonious. Its intense ruby color with purple tones, the fine aroma with red fruit tones and the harmonious taste make it the ideal ally in the accompaniment of red meats and aged cheeses.
La Badiola

Serafino Riserva DOC

The pure merlot grapes of the Colline Lucchesi de La Badiola create an extraordinary red reserve, "Serafino". A red wine born from an aging in tonneaux of 18 months, followed by another 6 months of aging in bottle. Fine, elegant and harmonious, with an intense ruby color and a shade of bright red; the taste is appreciated by the soft sweet tannins balanced by acidity. Ideal to accompany red meats, game, mature cheeses but also chocolate.
La Badiola

Sparkling wine Ventiquattronodi

The La Badiola farm enriches its collection of high-end wines with its Classic Method sparkling wine: "Twenty-four knots". It is the first classic method produced in the Lucca hills, a unique and exclusive territorial production, an unequivocal link with the place of origin, capable of representing a new expression of excellence of the territory and its extraordinary vines.

A vintage 2014 Blanc de Blancs Brut sparkling wine that perfectly represents the intact purity of the 100% Chardonnay grape, whose production process took place in the company, from the manual harvest with careful selection of the best grapes in the field, to the vinification made with soft pressing.
Aging on the lees for 36 months with the addition of an elegant liquer.