Vino biologico Toscana

vino biologico toscana

Organic Tuscan and Vegan Wine | Our journey begins in 2020 with the request to transform our production from conventional to organic. A path that now sees us within the conversion period that will end in 2022. However, already in 2020 we obtained an important certification - Vegan Wine - because our products have always been treated with care and without additives of animal origin.

Organic Wine and Vegan Wine

Organic Wine

Organic wine is organic if:

  1. the grapes used come from certified organic farming. This implies bans on the use of pesticides, herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The regulation is very clear on what can be used.
  2. the winemaking practices take place according to a specification that imposes bans on the use of adjuvants and additives. The few permitted products must, of course, also have certified organic origin and within well-defined and traced limits,
  3. reduced sulfur dioxide levels in the bottled product compared to "conventional" wine
  4. The producer undergoes a certification process by a certification body for what concerns the entire production process and the wine can only be placed on the market after the positive outcome of the control process;
  5. all stages of production, from the vineyard to the bottle, are traced through suitable document flows;
  6. authorized logo to be affixed to the label showing the product certification and the certification body that carries out the checks.

Vegan Wine

A wine is vegan because in the production it is expected:

  • a ban on the use of equipment of animal origin at all stages of the process.
  • the absolute prohibition of using additives of animal origin during the vinification phase
  • that all the materials used are not of animal origin
  • that a special sticker is placed on the label, which establishes the vegan characteristics of the wine.

Conventional Wine

The "conventional wine" is the wine that we all know. It is so called jargon to differentiate it from other categories. It represents the wine obtained using the systems and methods currently permitted by law.

La Badiola

Organic Tuscan and Vegan Wine |

We take care of our wines in a maniacal way and have always used only traditional products. Today, however, we are happy and proud to be able to show it on our labels. Soon all our labels will feature the organic and vegan Tuscan wine badge.