About La Badiola

La Badiola


From the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, the fashion of investing the fruit of their business in farms and properties in the countryside, where sumptuous summer residences were built, was affluent among the wealthy Lucca merchants. Here they could take refuge in the calm of outdoor life, far from the city frenzy, and at the same time devote themselves to the pleasures of agricultural management.
One of these merchants was Girolamo Arnolfini (1490-1567), who in the mid-16th century bought several plots in the Lucca countryside. Here he built, among other things, what was later known as "Villa Arnolfini".
After the Arnolfini, the villa passed into the hands of the Siti, who gave it the current coat of arms, and subsequently to the Contz.
The villa acquired considerable importance in 1812, when Elisa Baciocchi, Napoleon Bonaparte's sister and sovereign of Lucca and all of Tuscany, chose it as part of the prestigious royal residence.
The villa owes its current name to the filming of "Luchino Visconti's film" L’innocente "(1976). In fact, several scenes were shot in the villa depicting the Roman aristocrats protagonists of the film in their summer residence called, in fact, "La Badiola".

Nestled on an enchanting hilly landscape at about 200 meters above sea level, La Badiola stands out among the Renaissance villas of Lucca. A stately environment of ancient beauty is the ideal setting for elegant and refined weddings, as well as for other important events.
The villa is located in the center of a large park, dotted with numerous secular trees and plants, especially cypresses and camellias, accompanied here and there by characteristic fountains. The extensive panorama of the Lucca plain contributes to enriching this fascinating picture, which can be enjoyed almost for the entire horizon.
The park is also surrounded by beautiful rows of vines and olive groves, which produce different types of fine wine and oil every year.